• TifBlair is more shade tolerant than bermuda
  • Slow vertical rate growth means less mowing
  • Low Maintenance Learn More
  • Dark green color
  • Soft to touch, fine, tight blade growth
  • Excellent fall color retention and early spring green up Learn More
  • Beautiful blue-green color
  • Slow vertical growth means less mowing
  • Soft tough and feel Learn More
  • Combining beauty with toughness
  • Dark green color with medium texture blade
  • Excellent sports field grass Learn More
  • Beautiful dark emerald green color
  • Good shade tolerance
  • Thrives in extreme heat and humidity
  • Excellent sports field grass Learn More
Warm-season grass - light to medium green color, course leaf texture, creeping growth habit via stolons - robust, fast growing, establishes rapidly - level of maintenance is low to moderate.

Recommended Usage:
Well adapted to coastal regions with hot, tropical climates - used in residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes.

Temperature Tolerance:
Thrives in heat, adjusting well to temperatures up to 105%F - goes dormant and turns a tan color during winter when temperatures drop below 55%. Very poor low temperature hardiness.

Drought Resistance:
Excellent to fair - wide range in drought avoidance among varieties. Can go into summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld: upon return of moisture it will green up again.

Shade Adaptation:
Very Good.

Wear Resistance:
Moderate- rapid, resilient and stoloniferous growth habit.