• TifBlair is more shade tolerant than bermuda
  • Slow vertical rate growth means less mowing
  • Low Maintenance Learn More
  • Dark green color
  • Soft to touch, fine, tight blade growth
  • Excellent fall color retention and early spring green up Learn More
  • Beautiful blue-green color
  • Slow vertical growth means less mowing
  • Soft tough and feel Learn More
  • Combining beauty with toughness
  • Dark green color with medium texture blade
  • Excellent sports field grass Learn More
  • Beautiful dark emerald green color
  • Good shade tolerance
  • Thrives in extreme heat and humidity
  • Excellent sports field grass Learn More
Developed in Brazil, Empire Zoysia thrives in harsh tropical climates yet exhibits excellent cold hardiness, a combination uncommon in other Zoysia grasses. It's beauty and functionality make it uniquely suited for homeowners and commercial users in the varying climatic conditions in the southern United States. It adapts to a wide range of soil types and requires less water than most other grasses, even in sandy loam soils.In some cases it naturalizes to the local climate and requires minimal irrigation.


Eye Catching Dark Green Color
Luxurious Soft-to-the-Touch Feel
Fine, Tight Blade Growth Excellent Fall Color Retention
Early Spring Green Up (if dormant)
Rapid Injury Recovery
Selective Resistance to Insects / Diseases
Moderate Shade Tolerance
Thrives in Extreme Heat and Humidity
Excellent Cold Hardiness
Drought Tolerant
Due to Deep Root System
Low water user Reduced Fertilization requirements, less Insecticide / Fungicide Usage