Q: Which soil should I choose?
Selection of the best turf grass for your situation is a somewhat subjective situation. First, you must consider varieties that perform best in your local climate and soil type. Second, you should look to varieties that combine the overall qualities that are most important to you; aesthetics, maintenance requirements, environmental aspects, etc.

Q: Should I seed or sod my yard?
There is a common misconception that seeding is the best way to go because it is much less expensive than sodding. In reality, sodding turns out to be less expensive over time once such cost as increased maintenance and repair are accounted for.Add to that the instantaneous and finished look you get with sod and it is clear to see that sodding is preferable in most instances.

Q: How do I water my shaded lawn?
Once grass is established, shaded areas continue to require less water than full sun areas. Again, a fungicide may be needed during hot rainy periods when grass blades remain moist for prolonged periods to reduce grey leaf spot and brown patches. For an established shaded lawn, a good rule of thumb for watering is to allow grass to wilt slightly, apply up to, but no more than one inch of water; only water again when there is no more wilt. There are occasions when spot watering is necessary.